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A number of years ago I had a blog that I maintained for a year or two: Notes from the Garden and Other Thoughts. Yet, after awhile it struck me that I was only adding to so much chatter already filling the airwaves. I decided that if I didn’t really have anything important to say I would simply be quiet.

Since that time my life circumstances have changed. I no longer live in the country where I maintained a flock of chickens, where I cultivated a huge vegetable garden. I no longer have my beloved brown horse, nor my charming yellow Aussie ‘Teddy’. Sadly, both are gone now, too soon. After 30 plus years I have set down my acupuncture practice. Now I am cultivating a new kind of garden: one filled with words and images…my writing. Poems, essays, pieces of memoir, the bones of a spiritual autobiography.

Now I am ready to share these. I welcome you and welcome your thoughts!


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